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Unity Park

Project Type

Social Media Creation, Social Media Management, and Photography


April 2023 - Present


Marketing Director


In-Person Bristol, RI

As the Marketing Director during the Unity Park project in Bristol, RI, I had the opportunity to bring innovative marketing and communication strategies to the forefront.

Philosophy: Since the digital age is perennial, our marketing approach hinged on leveraging different social media platforms. I took the initiative to create and manage the project's presence on various platforms including from the ground up. This not only amplified the project's visibility but also fostered meaningful conversations with our audience.

Process: Realizing the power of an effective online presence, I also contributed to building a website from scratch. The site served as the digital backbone of the project, offering comprehensive insights into our project goals, events, and updates. Moreover, it provided an efficient channel for queries, feedback, and interactive engagements.

People: A fundamental part of my role was to orchestrate meetings with 20 different vendors. These regular interactions ensured effective communication, and cultivated productive relationships contributing to the overall success of the project.

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