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Flux Marine

Project Type

Social Media Management and Photography


April 2023 - July 2023


Social Media Intern


Hybrid Bristol, RI

During my time as a Social Media Intern at Flux Marine, I orchestrated an expansive social media initiative. This project sought to enhance our digital footprints and stimulate audience interaction on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Strategy: I took the reins in managing these profiles, mapping out the type and frequency of content to align with our brand image and marketing goals.

Content: A distinguishing aspect of this project was the emphasis on organic content. I coordinated the brainstorming, creation, and implementation of unique and genuine content that not only resonated with our audience, but also amplified our brand narrative.

Event Management: My responsibilities were not just online—part of this project included scheduling and coordinating multiple media days. This task encompassed the logistical aspects like handling transportation, arranging props, and coordinating with various individuals. These media days contributed significantly towards creating engaging content and promoting our brand image.

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